Thursday, July 8, 2010

My girl went to the bar tonight

Tonight she went to her usual bar and brought a guy home. As she rode him, I licked her asshole. Then he told her to get on her hands and knees, and he fucked her from behind while she sucked my cock. His cum filled her cunt while mine filled her mouth.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bedroom and Bathroom

We had just gotten home from a bar. We were standing in the kitchen and I made a joke, and we laughed and hugged and kissed. The kiss went on, and she dropped her purse on the floor. I walked her backward into the bedroom, where she pulled my shirt off, unbuckled my belt and unfastened my jeans. She reached in and found my hard cock, gave it a squeeze and started to stroke it. But then I turned her around abruptly, unzipped the back of the dress she was wearing,  and pushed it up over her hips. I reached inside the front of the dress and found her tits, while pushing my cock against her ass.

Then I turned her around again, and she sat on the edge of the bed, licking and sucking me while I worked my shoes and jeans off. Then I pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her dress off, leaving her naked but for her shoes.

I fucked her that way for a while, and then she asked me to stand up. She bent over the edge of the bed in front of me and got out a small toy she bought recently. She asked me to use it in her ass while I fucked her, and I did while she rubbed her clit. After a little of that, I wanted to taste her, so she lay back down and I started licking and sucking on her clit. Then I  reached into the nightstand and brought out the double-ended we'd also recently bought, and I pushed one end into her while I sucked. 

She had to piss around that point, so we stopped and went into the bathroom. I wanted to watch while she pissed, so she spread her legs and let me see. After she'd finished, I told her I had to piss too, so I did. She didn't move, and I managed pretty well. The stream would hit her clit here and there and she moaned each time it did. When I finished, she sucked me for a few minutes, until she needed to come. 
Back in the bedroom, I fucked her fast and hard while she rubbed her clit and when she came she screamed loud enough to scare off the stray cat that hangs out in our back yard. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don and Angie

Don and Angie are friends of mine who've been living together for about a year. Don doesn't know that about a month ago when we were all hanging out, Angie and I had a drunken fuck after he went to bed.

Angie doesn't know what happened yesterday.

When I got off work, I went to their house to deliver her birthday present. She was out at Target, but Don was home. She doesn't know Don got a present too, before she got home. I licked his balls and sucked his cock till he came in my mouth in big loads, and I swallowed all of it.

When she came home, we hung out for a few hours. When Don went to the bathroom, I grabbed Angie and kissed her, liking that she didn't know I'd just had her boyfriend's cock in my mouth.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


His name is Corey. He's 21. I'm 42, and she's 32. We answered an ad he posted on Craigslist's casual encounters.

It was after midnight when he arrived at our place. She and I were in bed, both of us naked. When he knocked on the door, she got up and let him in. They started kissing as soon as he stepped into the house. She brought him to the bedroom, and I lay there stroking my cock as I watched them make out, watched her undress him. She got on her knees and licked his balls, then started sucking his cock.

"Lay her down and fuck her," I told him, and he did. She lay on her back as he pinned her arms and gave it to her hard. I watched his ass pumping, and looked at the tattoos on his arms and neck and shoulders. I watched them kiss as they fucked, watched her sucking on his tongue.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." he said, and he pulled his cock out of her and offered it to me. I took the head in my mouth and stroked it with my hand until he came in my mouth in three big spurts. I swallowed the first two, then kissed her with the third still in my mouth. She swallowed it, and I went back to his softening cock and licked her taste off of him, licked him clean.

Monday, April 5, 2010

First Post

I'm writing this lying on the bed in our spare bedroom. Next door, in our bedroom, my girlfriend is fucking another man. Or, he's fucking her. I can hear her moans getting louder as he pounds it into her, and I can hear his breathing.

He doesn't know I'm here. He doesn't know that when he comes in her, and she gets up, she's not going to the bathroom. She's going to come in here, straddle my face, and feed me her pussy with his fresh come dripping out.